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Parabrahma temple in ochira which is spread about 36 acres of land attracts thousands of devotees every day to this small town. Ochira temple is so unique and different from the rest of the worship places across the state or country, in the sense that there is nothing exists here in the conventional form of a temple. Most part, the Temple premises is only open land with a few "Aal thara" (a banyan tree with a base foundation). Puja is performed on this foundations.

Apart from the spiritual side of Ochira temple, the most interesting concept of this temple is its acceptance of any one who is seeking shelter and help. Ochira stands out to be one and only example in this century to be a place for those who seeks God through service and open heart. The concept behind this temple is very simple, God exists every where, you seek them through service. Ochira teaches it's devotees to care for the helpless and diseased people.

Gopuram, East Nada, West Nada, Ondikkavu, Ayyappa Temple, Mahalakshmi Temple and Ganapathi temple are the points of worship here

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